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About our Program:

What's Happening
For 25 years Community LINC has provided housing and Supportive Services for homeless families in Kansas City. These services include Coaching, Employment Services, Mental Wellness Services, Budgeting, Healthy Lifestyles and Life Skills Classes, and Children’s Programs. We also place families with fewer barriers directly into permanent housing. All families receive nine months of Aftercare Services to ensure long-term success. (Read more)

Meet Chantel:
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Our mission is to end homelessness, impact poverty and remove barriers to self-sufficiency for the families we serve.

Chantel is a single mother with three children. Despite her situation, she always kept her job, but when her hours were significantly reduced she could not make rent on a single income. The family had no other option but to move to a shelter. 
After an emotional interview with our Housing Coordinator, it was clear how much Chantel wanted stability for her family. (Read More)

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